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Welcome to Story Group

Web Development, eCommerce, SEO, Mobile Development (iPhone, iPad and Android Apps), Email Marketing

The Story Group is a team of talented & dedicated web professionals. We love the web and working together with our clients and agency partners to build web solutions of all shapes and sizes.

We have been working on the web since 1996. Our previous company was featured in BRW twice as one of Australia’s top 100 fastest growing companies (across all industry categories).

We are based in Melbourne and love helping our clients succeed in age of all things digital. Our strategies and processes give our clients distinct advantages.

We take a mature and no fuss approach and our goal is to be easy to deal with, provide exceptional value and build lasting relationships.

Please call or email us - we'd love to chat about your next project and are happy to give you advice on the best way to achieve your goals. 1300 885 839

Story Group Services: What we do!

By combining design, branding, technology and an understanding of business, we provide a beginning-to-end service. We strive to replace the usual client-supplier relationship with a genuine partnership that creates value for our clients and customers.

User Interface Design

Everything we design combines the users’ goals, emotions, and perspectives with the objectives of the business and product we are designing for. Our approach is strategic, hands-on and with a healthy dose of common sense.

Mobile and Responsive Development

Building responsive interfaces refers to an approach that provides an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of screen resolutions and devices. Build once and deliver everywhere.


Selling online is not just adding a shopping cart to your website. Careful end to end analysis, design and development is the difference between selling lots or little - that is what we do.

Web Development

What gets us excited everyday is creating the intersection between pixels and lines of code and turning ideas into meaningful interactions. If it can be built on the web we can build it.

Membership Driven Applications

We build membership sites which allow and encourage users to interact, enjoy and use our applications so that they wrap around the business objective of our client.

Content Management

Being able to simply and effectively manage website and application content is the difference between a site or app dying and becoming out of date and becoming a useful resource. We will build things that are exceptionally easy to use for our clients - with unlimited support.

Online Marketing & Analytics

Tracking the performance of key metrics of our sites and applications we use this data to determine the success of what we build against predefined benchmarks. This helps up shape future updates and refinements and allows you to focus on value.

Website Hosting and Management

Our sites reside on our state of the art servers with 24 hour support. Our servers are based in Australia and are managed by NetLogistics Pty Ltd. An Australian company with over 12 years experience hosting websites.