Case study: Bonbons Bakery Online Store

Bonbons Bakery Online Store
Bonbons Bakery is an australian & international food franchise brand, with retail stores specialising in 'grab & go' asian & western style freshly baked bread based products, hot & cold beverages and cakes & treats.

The business model revolves around an "East Meets West" theme, where traditional Asian and European recipes are blended together, with a focus on both product integrity ("baked fresh" & "quality coffees") and price value ("lunch for under $5") which has appeal to consumers who are looking for a quick snack, a quick treat, or a quality takeaway coffee, and want to know that they are getting great value for their money.

The Bonbons Bakery Online Store allows users to select and configure a cake and then choose which store they would like to pick up their selection from after paying for it via a secure payment gateway.