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Building websites for great companies really does have some benefits.

Our client, Maton Guitars, is very dear to my heart. In a previous life before I went back to University and got my design degree, started my first design business and worked on the web - I was a musician.

I got lucky during my musical career (if you can call it that) and played with people that were better and more talented than me. I did get a Gold Record, I toured all around the world a few times playing through Europe, The UK, The USA and Japan and made some great friends (and had some really bad haircuts).

I still play a lot and have a few nice guitars. I am now a passionate dorky amateur. Nothing can make my kids, wife or non-music playing friends eyes glaze over quicker than if I start on a rant about guitars and the merits of something not many other people care about.

Enter Maton Guitars...

Maton Guitars is an Australian, iconic, Family Owned Company. Founded in 1946 (The same Year as Fender) they have been building incredible guitars, all in their Melbourne state of the art factory, selling them all over the world for over 60 years.

You can read more about what we did and are doing for Maton in this case study.

After the launch of the Maton website David Steedman, Maton's GM told me they would like to do something for me personally - and build me a guitar in their Custom shop. The Maton Custom Shop is like a dream factory for nerdy guitarists like me. They build one off guitars for everyone from Jimmy Page, John Fogerty, Neil Finn, Tommy Emanuel, John Butler and… me!

Last week I received the finished guitar built by Andy Allen the head of the Maton Custom Shop. I picked the premium grade woods (Maton were one of the pioneers of alternative, sustainable timbers in the 1970s), played multiple “example” guitars while Andy hovered around taking it all in and advising me. The end result is an absolute work of art, sounds incredible plays like a dream… and is mine. There is something about having an instrument made especially for you that is very special.

I like to think that the approach and technology we use to build our websites and apps is similar in some way to the bespoke nature of the Maton Custom shop. We listen to our client - evaluate the opportunities - and then build a custom designed and developed application for them.