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Craft Commerce: flexibility and extensibility

Craft CMS and Craft Commerce are a powerful combination for building robust and customizable e-commerce websites. Craft CMS is a popular content management system that provides a flexible and scalable platform for creating websites, while Craft Commerce is a powerful e-commerce plugin that seamlessly integrates with Craft CMS to add full-featured e-commerce functionality.

Craft CMS offers a user-friendly admin interface for managing content, including pages, entries, categories, and assets. It provides a highly customizable template system that allows developers to create unique front-end experiences tailored to specific design requirements. Craft CMS also supports multi-site installations, allowing you to manage multiple websites from a single Craft CMS installation.

Craft Commerce extends Craft CMS with e-commerce functionality, allowing you to sell products and services online. It provides a comprehensive set of e-commerce features, such as product management, inventory management, order management, payment gateways, tax calculations, and shipping options. Craft Commerce also supports customizable pricing, promotions, and discounts, making it a flexible solution for building e-commerce websites for various industries and business models.

One of the strengths of Craft Commerce is its flexibility and extensibility. It provides a plugin architecture that allows developers to create custom functionality and integrations to meet specific requirements. This makes Craft Commerce a highly customizable e-commerce solution that can be tailored to suit the unique needs of different businesses.

Craft CMS and Craft Commerce also have a strong ecosystem of plugins, templates, and resources, which makes it easy to extend the functionality and design of your e-commerce website. They have an active community of developers and users who provide support and contribute to the ongoing development of the platform.

In summary, Craft CMS and Craft Commerce provide a powerful and flexible solution for building customizable e-commerce websites. They offer a wide range of features, customization options, and extensibility, making them suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries.